Gun gamble proves a shot in the darkHunter lost in search for right weapon

It was a beautiful 1930s vintage Sedgley, which early in the century ranked with Griffin & Howe in producing fine rifles for American hunters. Whereas Griffin & Howe built their rifles around the Mauser action, Sedgley used the Springfield 1903 action. The Sedgley’s exceptionally smooth `03 action was matched to a custom barrel and a custom, hand-checkered stock of American walnut. Completing the package were some fine Griffin & Howe sights and mounts along with an old Lyman Alaskan scope, which was top of the line for its time. The caliber was .257 Roberts, which the great [Jack O’Connor] had bragged about in his writings back in the 1950s, and he could very well have been talking about the round chambered in a rifle very much like the Sedgley.

Full text: San Antonio Express-News, Dec 27, 1990

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